The Nu Khepera Ankh or “transforming your life from the waters of Nu” is the first work in history that teaches you how to manifest any reality you desire. The simple techniques in this book will get you started toward awakening the God power within you! 

Thousands of years ago a small group of occultists decided to take over the planet. In order to cement their plan, they had to get the masses to think using predominantly the left-hemisphere of the brain. With no access to the right brain the population would be successfully robbed of their connection to enormous power. Prior to that the world was full of integrated brain thinkers who used both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This enabled our ancestors to perform wonders. This is how we were able to build magnificent monuments of engineering such as the pyramids. Thus, this elite group convinced the world that left brain thinking was superior. This began the dark ages and retarded the progress of humanity technologically and morally. 

The truth is that you have been robbed of the knowledge of how to manipulate metaphysical forces to bring you the life you deserve. Most people don’t know that there is a hidden hand or ruling elite which operates in the shadows. They work through economic empowerment and, more importantly, that which we call magic. Not only do they have unimaginable wealth, but they can control time and space! They stole this knowledge from our ancient Egyptian ancestors. In the process of hoarding this wealth and magical power they have lied to the masses on the planet to keep the population in darkness and in a state of stupor. As a result, we live in ignorance, never realizing we could use the very same power they have to transform our own lives and the planet. 

Their first order of business was to destroy the Great Library of Alexandria, the storehouse of the world’s highest knowledge. They then plotted Egypt’s downfall not through military conquest but through assassination of the priests and priestesses. Keep in mind that it was not Queen Cleopatra of the Ptolemaic Dynasty who was responsible for Egypt’s demise. The fix was in way before her rule. They then went after right brain cultures, killing and colonizing native people. Next, they put in place left brain religions that would corrupt the population and keep them from the knowledge of their true selves. These religions would teach you to wait and depend on an outside super being for intervention rather than on ancient ways, which tap into your divine power! After all, you cannot take control of a planet that has a population of God men and God women! Therefore, instead of understanding you have God’s power, not in quantity but in quality, you accept the dominant programming that you are human and a sinner. You are weak and helpless to change the ills in your life and the world!

There is no need for world hunger and poverty. This was created through the elite’s manipulation of spiritual occult forces. Pain and suffering do not have to be common place. However, when you are taught that salvation is through an external person, God, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, and etc., you place your power outside of yourself. This is how they maintain control by steering you away from a discovery of inner power to external pursuit for a leader or savior. The truth is you have enormous power and it is waiting for you to use it! 

The con game continues as you have been duped by NASA and the education system to believe you live on a planet, in a galaxy, that is within a universe. This is simply not true. You exist in a realm. One of an infinite number of realms which you can easily shift to if this one is not to your liking. But you are trapped here by your belief system that was given to you. The famous inventor Nikola Tesla was correct when he stated that we live in a realm and not on a planet. If this is true, why are they keeping the secret from you?

Programs such as The Secret and The Law of Attraction have just scratched the surface of what you can manifest. You need to understand that the nature of the universe is abundance. You cannot add to it or take away from it. Therefore, you are complete! There is no need to wage war for land, money, or resources. These are staged events designed to create fear and terror, so the ruling elite can feed off that energy. Our government is not listening to the people. Our politicians and leaders are corrupt. The economy is wrecked, and mass stream media tells us lies. The police shoot and kill innocent young men while jobs are nowhere to be found. Throughout all this turmoil in today’s world you do not have to be directly affected by this. There is a way out of racism, sexism, pain, suffering, and poverty. Not through voting or protesting but by learning the secrets to change reality to one of an infinite number of possibilities. You can be rich, you can have the perfect mate, the perfect job, and perfect health. Whatever you desire is now possible!

The Nu Khepera Ankh resurrects the ancient knowledge of Egypt and the lost city of Atlantis. It teaches you how to use integrated brain thinking, which will allow you to tap into the power of the subconscious or super-conscious mind! Our ancestors did not need money, police, government, laws, special diets, flu shots, expensive drugs, or doctors to live. The reason is that we have been polarized in left brain thinking. It can only separate; the left brain thinks in terms of facts but lacks the ability for morality, higher wisdom, and holistic thinking. It only looks at the effects and not the cause. This creates never-ending problems for our society. 

Quantum mechanics tells us there are an infinite number of parallel worlds, something our ancestors already knew. In fact, you are moving through these parallel worlds without knowing or being able to control it. But what if you could shift to a parallel world, one where you were rich, in excellent health, or met the mate of your dreams! What if you could move to a parallel world where there was no war or crime? One where hunger does not exist? For the first time since the takeover of the planet you can now use this power!

The techniques in this e-book have proven, measurable results that have worked for many and can work for you! You’ll discover techniques to:

Attract money, power, and influence to your life

Bring you notoriety in your chosen field

Heal sickness for you or a family member or friend

Get you the ideal job you’ve always wanted

Enable you to start and be successful at a business

Improve cognition and increase your intelligence level

Access hidden and forgotten knowledge

Allow you to influence and control people through your psychic connection

We need to understand the events that have happened throughout history. The burning of the library of Alexandria, the fall of Egypt, witch hunts, slavery, World War I, II, and modern western religions have all been a setup to ensure that you do not discover your secret power! In fact, one of the secrets that you will learn is that history, or the history we think we remember, never happened. None of those events really transpired and are a concocted fraudulent past that has been implanted in our minds. The Nu Khepera Ankh proves this without a doubt and so much more. 


Transform your life now.  Discover your power to manifest any reality you desire!

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Qesankh Maa Kheperu is North America’s leading Kamitic (Egyptian) spiritualist and life coach. For over 20 years he has studied and practiced what was once known as the Egyptian Mystery system of Ausar Auset. Visit his website at:

       Nu Khepera Ankh
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